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About Us

Big O’s Famous BBQ does classic southern barbecue. We slow cook it over charcoal and hickory wood.

It Tastes As Good As It Smells!!!








Food trucks can add some fun to any event. Our food truck is great for fundraising events, church functions, corporate meetings, and/or backyard parties.

Have a more formal function, such as a wedding, we can provide the food and serving staff. Call us at 865–679–6855 to place your order.



Big O’s Famous BBQ has a standard menu. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see where we are.

Customer Reviews

My wife picked a few meals up tonight while Big O’s was at Crafty Bastard Brewery and we are really happy that she did. The flavor and quantity of food was really good and we were really impressed. The ribs were flavorful and had plenty of meat and a nice finish to them. We got potato salad and beans as a side and loved them as well. We will be back and would recommend this spot to any fellow BBQ lovers
JB Martinez


Big O’s Famous BBQ recently catered 2 different events for my employers. Both times the food has been On Point! Their cole slaw is absolutely special. You can make a meal of just that but I recommend not passing up the pulled pork. Kudos to the owners.
T Eskridge

My fiance and I tried big O’s for the first time at the Rossini festival today and it was seriously some of the best BBQ I've ever had- and I'm from Memphis! Definitely recommend.
K Dobbins



Big O’s Famous BBQ

It Tastes As Good As It Smells!!!

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